Bermad FP 400E-1M Hydraulically Controlled Deluge Valve



Bermad FP 400E-1M Hydraulically Controlled Deluge Valve
The Bermad Model FP 400E-1M Classic Deluge Valve includes a Manual EasyLock Reset for latching the valve open in response to an electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, or electro-pneumatic signal. The Deluge Valve resets to the closed position only upon local manual reset activation.


  • Latch open – Closes upon local reset only
  • One-piece molded elastomeric moving part –
  • No maintenance required
  • Simple design – Cost effective
  • Obstacle-free full-bore – Uncompromising reliability
  • Factory pre-assembled trim – Out-of-box quality
  • In-line serviceable – Minimal down time



The BERMAD Model FP 400E-1M is suitable for systems that include wet pilot lines with closed fusible plugs (thermal releases), and piping systems with a wide variety of open nozzles. The typical wet pilot line is installed in a covered area and connected to the valve trim. In the SET position, the line-pressure supplied to the main valve’s control chamber via the priming line and through an EasyLock Manual Reset [3], is trapped by the EasyLock internal check valve, by the closed wet pilot line, and by a closed Manual Emergency Release. The trapped pressure holds the main valve’s diaphragm and plug against the valve seat, sealing it drip-tight and keeping the system piping dry. Under FIRE or TEST conditions, water is released from the control chamber through the opened thermal release [F] of the wet pilot line, or the Manual Emergency Release. The EasyLock prevents line-pressure from entering the control chamber, allowing the main valve to latch open and water to flow into the system piping and to the alarm device.


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