Bermad FP 400E-3UM Electrically Controlled Deluge Valve



Bermad FP 400E-3UM Electrically Controlled Deluge Valve with Local Reset

The BERMAD model 400E-3UM is an elastomeric, hydraulic, line pressure operated deluge valve, designed for advanced fire protection systems, and the latest industry standards. The 400E-3UM is activated by a 3-way solenoid valve, which actuates a latching relay valve, to open the main valve. Once open the main valve will not close until locally reset. The optional valve position indicator can include a limit switch suitable for Fire & Gas monitoring systems. The 400E-3UM is ideal for systems with open nozzles for water or foam discharge, available with electric components to suit any hazardous location.


  • Safety and reliability
    • Time proven, simple design with a fail safe actuation
    • Single piece, rugged elastomeric diaphragm seal - VRSD technology
    • Obstacle-free, uninterrupted flow path
    • No mechanical moving parts
    • UL429A Listed 3-Way Solenoid Valve
    • Latches open: remains open until reset locally
    • Valve position limit switches (optional)
    • Meets the requirements of industry standards
  • Quick and easy maintenance
    • Designed for high reliability and easy maintenance
    • In-line serviceable
    • Fast and easy cover removal



The BERMAD model 400E-3UM is held closed by water pressure in the control chamber. Upon release of pressure from the control chamber, the valve opens. Under NORMAL conditions, water pressure is supplied to the control chamber via the priming line strainer and restriction orifice and is then trapped in the control chamber by a check valve, manual emergency release, and a relay valve (URV-M) that is held in the supply position by hydraulic pressure supplied through a three-way solenoid valve. The water pressure trapped in the control chamber keeps the valve closed by holding the diaphragm against the valve seat, sealing it drip-tight and keeping the system pipes dry.

Under FIRE conditions, water pressure is released from the control chamber, either with the manual emergency release, or by the URV-M switching to the release position in response to the solenoid valve being activated by the fire & gas control system.This latches the 400E-3UM deluge valve open, allowing water to flow into the system piping and the alarm device.


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