Bermad FP 450-60 Infill Level Control Valve



FP 450-60 Infill Level Control Valve with Modulating Horizontal Float

The Model FP 450-60 Infill Level Control Valve with Modulating Horizontal Float is a hydraulically controlled, diaphragm actuated, control valve that controls reservoir filling to maintain constant water level, regardless of fluctuations in demand. An optional mechanical flow stem can be added to the cover of the valve, should the flow require control under higher inlet pressures.

  • Reservoir filling
    • Low volume reservoirs
    • Large surface area reservoirs


  • Line pressure driven - Independent operation
  • Modulating hydraulic float control
    • "Always Full" reservoir
  • Fully supported vulcanized diaphragm
    • One moving part
    • Rugged radial seal disk
    • Protected diaphragm
  • Dynamically restrained actuation
    • Moderate valve reaction
    • Non-slam closing
  • Balanced rolling-diaphragm
    • High flow capacity
    • Very low opening and closing pressure requirements
  • In-line serviceable - easy maintenance
  • Flexible design - easy addition of features
  • External installation - pilot operated

Major Additional Features

  • Pressure sustaining - 453 - 60
  • Electric float backup - 450 - 60 - 85
  • Flow control - 457 - 60 - U



The Model FP 450-60 is a float controlled valve equipped with a 2-Way, horizontal float pilot assembly. The needle valve continuously allows flow from the valve inlet into the control chamber. The float is attached to the float pilot arm. The location of the float assembly and the position of the float determines the level setting. Should the level rise toward the setting, the float pilot throttles, pressure in the control chamber accumulates causing the main valve to throttle closed, reducing filling rate, and eventually closing drip tight. Should the level fall, the float pilot releases pressure from the control chamber causing the main valve to modulate open. The needle valve controls the closing speed. The cock valve enables manual closing.


 FP 450-60 Infill Level Control Valve FP 450-60 Infill Level Control Valve Brochure