Bermad FP-450-67 Infill Level Control Valve



Bermad FP-450-67 Infill Level Control Valve
The Model FP 450-67 Level Control is a hydraulically controlled, diaphragm actuated valve for controlling the level in firewater reservoirs.
The 2 way vertical float modulates the valve to keep the reservoir full or at a preset level at all times.

The unobstructed flow passage, simplicity of design and robust construction makes the FP 450-67 suitable for use with firewater which is often of a poor quality


  • Line-pressure driven
    • Independent operation
  • Rugged Reliability
    • Single-piece fully supported rolling diaphragm ❑n Obstacle-free unobstructed flow path
    • Suited for use with low quality water
  • Hydraulically Restrained Actuation ❑n Non-slam closing
    • Quiet and smooth operation
  • High Performance
    • High flow capacity
    • Low operating pressure
  • External Installation
    • Easy access to valve & float
    • Simple level setting
    • Less wear and tear
  • In-Line Serviceable
    • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Flexible Design
    • Simple addition of factory supplied features



The Model 450-67 is a float controlled valve equipped with an adjustable, 2-Way vertical float pilot assembly. The needle valve continuously allows flow from valve inlet into the control chamber. The float is locked on the float assembly rod between two adjustable stoppers and. When the reservoir water is at the set level, the float pilot will be closed and inlet pressure will accumulate in the main valve control chamber by way of the needle valve, causing the main valve to throttle, closing drip tight. Should the water level fall below the set level, the float pilot will release pressure from the control chamber causing the main valve to modulate open, keeping the reservoir level constant at all times. The cock valve overrides the float and enables manual closing.

Use the needle valve to control the closing speed.


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