Bermad IR-450-60-R Level Control Valve



Bermad IR-450-60-R Level Control Valve

The Bermad Model IR-450-60-R Level Control Valve with Modulating Horizontal Float is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve. The valve hydraulically controls reservoir filling to maintain constant water level, regardless of fluctuating demand.


  • Large Surface Area Reservoirs
  • Low Volume Reservoirs
  • Unavailable Power Supply Locations
  • Fertilizer Mixing Tanks


  • Line Pressure Driven, Hydraulically Controlled
  • Modulating Hydraulic Float Control
    • Always Full” reservoir
  • Advanced Globe Hydro-Efficient Design
    • Unobstructed flow path
    • Single moving part
    • High flow capacity
  • Fully Supported & Balanced Diaphragm
    • Requires low opening and actuation pressure
    • Excellent low flow regulation performance
    • Progressively restrains valve closing
    • Prevents diaphragm distortion
  • External Installation
    • Easy access to valve and float
    • Less wear and tear
    • Simple in-line inspection and service



The Needle Valve allows continuous flow from Valve inlet into the Control Chamber. When water level rises, it pushes the Float up throttling the Float Pilot. Pressure in the control chamber accumulates, causing the Valve to throttle closed, reducing filling rate, and eventually closing drip tight. Should level fall, the float pilot releases pressure from the control chamber causing the Valve to modulate open. The needle valve controls Valve closing speed. The Cock Valve enables manual closing.


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