Bermad TURBO-IR-M Water Meter



Bermad TURBO-IR-M Water Meter

The TURBO-IR-A uses a multi-blade plastic paddle, mounted at the top of the water passage where disturbance from solids suspended in the water is minimal.

The paddle wheel design prevents jamming and damage from solid debris making it suitable for non filtered irrigation water. The register is a copper base and glass top design hermetically sealed from moisture.

The meter is fully certified in Australia for Irrigation Water inclusion having NMI-M10 certification.

For Irrigation installations to NMI-M10 – refer to Government requirements and relevant standards, certifications and approvals.


  • Magnetic drive
  • Dry, vacuum sealed register
  • Option for “reed switch” sensor
  • Register can rotate 360°
  • Paddle wheel design prevents jamming and damage due to solid debris
  • Easy maintenance
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Low head loss


  • Body, Cover: Ductile Iron
  • Coating: Polyester Green
  • End Connections - Flanged: Table D
  • Pressure Rating: ISO PN 16
  • Operating Temperature 30 deg C

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