Onga IMH1100K Intellimaster Pressure Pump



Onga IMH1100K Intellimaster Pressure Pump

Our NEW Intellimaster series are the perfect environmental friendly energy saving pump. All models use advanced variable speed technology while generating significantly less power compared to a conventional fixed speed pump, substantially lessening your running costs and saving you money in operating costs. The Intellimasters are also an ECO SELECT® branded product line, identifying as our “greenest” and most efficient pump choices. By combining efficient pump design with game-changing variable speed technology, the Intellimaster pump delivers fantastic energy savings while reducing consumption of valuable resources and noise pollution. The IntelliMaster now comes with a new and improved Variable Speed Controller.These how-to videos will show you how to operate its basic functions:How to change Pressure Set pointHow to adjust Low Current value (dry run protection)How to adjust Low Pressure settingHow to change from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Manual’ operationHow to check ‘Alarm’ historyHow to clear the ‘Alarm’ historyAvailable in three models:IMH750KIMH1100KIMH2200K


Domestic pressure system, pressure boosting, irrigation and garden water supply and water transfer.


  • Large LCD Display with adjustable pressure set point
  • 16 Bar Transducer pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel five-way tee with inbuilt non-return valve
  • Quiet operation
  • Fan-cooled motor with inbuilt thermal overload
  • Max. Head – 58m
  • Max. Flow – 270lpm


Product Code
IMH750 IMH1100 IMH2200
Hmax (m)
58 60 54
Qmax (lpm)
85 150 275
220-240 220-240 220-240
P1 (kW) 0.969 1.382 2.644
P2 (kW)
0.75 1.1 2.2
Phase Current (A)
3.1 4.4 8.2
Plug (A) 10 10 15
Weight (kg) 19 19 28


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