Stalker ISO Series Bare Shaft Pumps



The Stalker Pumps ISO Series includes the ISO 2858 & ISO 5199 ranges. The Stalker Pumps ISO series are manufactured in Western Australia to the highest quality, employing the best engineering practices available.

The Stalker ISO Series pumps are available in a large range of casing and impeller materials including cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, ni-resistant and hi-chrome 28%.

The range is available in bare shaft, direct coupled and motor pump configurations, and also with electric, diesel or petrol engine driven options. Base mounted and heavy duty trailer mounted assemblies are also available.


  • Casing – Standard cast iron AS1830 T260 grade. Alternative options include but are not limited to:
    – Austenitic iron AS1833 203
    – Stainless steel AS2074/H6B
    – Zinc free bronze AS1565/C90250
    – Duplex, Alloy 20, 27% chrome, cast steel
  • Mounting feet are incorporated into the casing casting.
  • Flanges – Dimensions are to AS2129 table E, optional drillings on request.
  • Pump Cover – Supplied in the same material as the casing, incorporates the mechanical seal and stuffing box.
  • Stuffing Box – Standard design for DIN 24960 seal bores. Cartridge type available on request.
  • Impeller – Standard cast iron AS1830 T260 grade. Alternative material options are as above in casing manufacture.
  • Wear Rings – Available as an option in standard leaded bronze. Alternative material options available on request.
  • O-rings – Reusable O-ring body seals in nitrial as standard and viton as an option.
  • Shaft – Rigid heavy duty design type stainless steel 590 Mpa UTS AS2837-431. Alternative materials are available, including type 316 or Duplex 2205.
  • Mechanical Seals: Single or double mechanical seals running on stainless steel shaft are available in balanced or unbalanced configuration of various types to suit particular applications. External clean water flushing and cooling can be supplied for high temperature, abrasive or toxic applications.
  • Packed Gland – Optional on request.
  • Bearings – Heavy duty deep groove ball bearings. Greasable and fitted with grease nipples. Available as sealed for life, or running in oil filled housing. Bearing housing is fitted with breather, oil level and drain plugs. Optional constant level oilers and oil cooling also available.
  • Bearing Housing – Cast iron, flanged to suit casing and cover, and incorporates large openings for access to stuffing box.
  • Bearing Covers – Cast iron and fitted with rubber “oil seals” to exclude dust and water from the bearings. Covers are held in place by high tensile hex head screws.


Suitable for pumping:

  • Clean water
  • Sea water
  • Raw water
  • Process water
  • Waste water
  • Sewage
  • Hazardous liquids
  • Corrosive liquids


Stalker ISO Series Bare Shaft Pumps Brochure

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