Bermad FC 700E-5X-BO Hydraulically Controlled Foam Concentrate Valve



Bermad FC 700E-5X-BO Hydraulically Controlled Foam Concentrate Valve

The Bermad FC 700E-5X-N-BO is a Double Chambered hydraulically powered Foam concentrate valve. The valve is actuated by fire water from the Main, which makes it independent from the foam concentrate line’s pressure. Hence it may operate when line pressure is low, or even in non-pressurized systems. This makes it best suited for installation at the discharge of atmospheric tanks. The FC 700E-5X-N-BO is controlled by pilot line pressure which is related to the main deluge valve’s trim, allowing the foam concentrate valve to open simultaneously with the main valve, providing flow at the same time with the water discharge, thus assuring an immediate supply of foam solution into the system piping. The valve is Fail-safe Close and designed with an “over the seat flow” opening to ensure drip-tight sealing and safe operation. This Bermad valve replaces ¼ turn actuated valves or pilot-operated solenoid valves in order to provide safer operation of modern foam systems, thus assuring maximum reliability of entire fire-fighting systems.


  • Double chambered Actuation – Zero Line Pressure
  • Obstacle free full bore – Uncompromising reliability
  • In line serviceable – Minimum downtime and easy maintenance
  • Simultaneous opening with the main deluge valve – immediate Foam supply
  • 3-Way control system – avoids continuous releasing
  • Fail safe – safe operation and drip-tight sealing
  • Suited for Water or Air pilot line pressure



The BERMAD FC 700E-5X-N-BO is a Water Actuated Foam-concentrate valve, it is double chambered actuated valve, hydraulically powered opening and "over the seat flow" with Fail safe Close feature. The FC-700E-5X-BO is a “Y” pattern, diaphragm actuated, double chambered, water driven valve that requires firewater external source, as a priming pressure to be able to activate. The water priming line pressure [1] is connected to both Lower [2] and Upper [3] control cambers. The pressure to the upper chamber is provided trough a manual override valve [4] and trough the Relay Valve [5]. The check valve [6] traps high pressure peaks in the main line ensuring that the main valve remains locked in the closed position to maintain a drip tight sealing. The hydraulic pilot line applies control pressure to the Relay Valve diaphragm to apply water pressure to the upper control chamber balancing the diaphragm and enable the spring to push the seal disc to the seat thus holding the main valve closed and sealed. When the pilot line pressure is released the relay valve is activated and vents the valve upper control chamber, while lower chamber is fully pressurized, the actuator is hydraulically powered, allowing the valve seal disc to open and fluid to flow through the valve discharge to the system.


Bermad FC 700E-5X-BO Hydraulically Controlled Foam Concentrate Valve Bermad FC 700E-5X-BO Hydraulically Controlled Foam Concentrate Valve Brochure