SupaVac SV30 Portable Solids Pump



SV30 Portable Solids Pump

The SV30 Portable Solids Pump is a one-person vacuum loading, pressure discharge pump capable of recovering and transferring almost any flowable sludge or slurry. The SV30 Portable Solids Pump is 100% air powered and operated, generating up to 22″Hg+ of vacuum combined with high airflow which allows the unit to transfer materials typically considered un-pumpable. For more than 25 years SupaVac solids pumps, slurry pumps and sludge pumps have been employed worldwide servicing oil & gas, drill rigs, marine tank cleaning, mining, municipal, industrial, agriculture, and construction industries.


  • Waste management solids control
  • Effluent transfer
  • Drilling mud waste
  • Agricultural product and waste transfer
  • Food and beverage
  • Corrosive slurries
  • Spillage recovery and transfer
  • Sump cleaning and desilting
  • Tank sludge extraction
  • Municipal waste
  • Garnet sludge


The SV30 slurry pump or sludge pump has been specifically designed for the market where a smaller, more portable solution is required. Think tank cleaning or similar applications and you’ll get an idea of where the SV30 truly excels. SV30 also comes as standard with Next Generation pneumatic controls which allow for better control and energy power savings.


  • Multipurpose vacuum pump
  • Portable and compact
  • Lightweight robust constructions
  • 100% compressed air operation
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Fully automatic
  • Versatile
  • No internal moving components
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Recovers material from up to 30 metres (98ft)
  • Delivers up to 300 metres (984ft)


Height 55 cm (22″)
45 cm (18″)
129 cm (51″)
66 kg (146lb)
Throughput capacity up to 14m3/hr (61USGPM) @ SG1.0
Air consumption option
80cfm at 102psi (38 L/sec at 7 bar)
125cfm at 102 psi
(59 L/sec at 7 bar)


  • Air supply connection 25mm (1″)
  • Up to 22″Hg (75kPa) vacuum at 102psi (7 bar)
  • Suction 50 mm (2″) BSP/Type B camlock
  • Discharge 50 mm (2″) BSP/Type A camlock
  • Handles solids to 35 mm (1.3″)
  • Carbon steel vessel