Davey 165S1 Deep Well Jet Pump



Shallow Well Jet Pumps

Suitable for suction depths down to 50m, the shallow and deep well jet pumps with pressure switch are a rugged pump suitable for supplying high pressure water for garden sprinklers, stock watering and washdown. Other popular applications include supplying water from dams, creeks, rivers and bores, or tank filling.


  • Davey LTEFC motor providing:
    • IP56 rating for long-term protection against vermin, dust and water
  • Designed for both high ambient temperatures and extremes in supply voltage making them ideal for remote areas
  • Pump unit features the highest corrosion resistance with outstanding pressure capacity due to:
    • unique composite casing design with high-strength aluminium outer casing and full internal casing made from precision moulded Rilsan.
    • mounting feet in high impact resistant corrosion-proof Xenoy.
  • Versatile pump - convertible to match required duty
  • Colour-coded jets and venturis for easy identification
  • Easily converted to automatic operation
  • 165S available with 3 phase motor
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to service if required
  • Oring seal hand-tightened priming plug for easy operation


  • 1 Stage (Single Impeller)
  • Jet assisted
  • Marine grade aluminium pump body with Rilsan® lining
  • Interchangeable jet/venturi kits to match pump performance to required duty
  • Pressure switch fitted
  • Pressure gauge supplied


  • Davey manufactured.
  • 2 pole, 2900rpm, 50Hz
  • Class F insulation, IP56.
  • Permanently split capacitor design for single phase motors.
  • P2 metal jacket ‘fail safe’ capacitors.
  • Double contact seal C3, high temperature greased bearings.
  • Inbuilt thermal overload protection with automatic reset in all 1ø models.



Type 095S 125S 165S
Maximum capacity (@260kPa, nil suction) lpm 95 126 126
Maximum suction head (m 7.5 7.5 7.5
Maximum water temperature 50°C 50°C 50°C
Minimum water temperature 1°C 1°C 1°C
Inlet size 1 1/2" BSP(F) 1 1/2" BSP(F) 1 1/2" BSP(F)
Outlet size 1 1/4" BSP(F) 1 1/4" BSP(F) 1 1/4" BSP(F)



Shallow Well Pump – Type 095S 125S 165S
Supply voltage (1ø) 220-250 220-250 220-250
Output power (kW) 1.1 1.4 1.8
Maximum rated current @ 240V (amps) 7.2 8.5 10/4.2
Locked rotor current @ 240V (amps) 21 25 39/24
Insulation class F F F
IP rating IP56 IP56 IP56
Starting (1ø) P.S.C. P.S.C. P.S.C.



Suction cover Aluminium-Rilsan® lined
Pump body Aluminium-Rilsan® lined
Discharge port Aluminium-Rilsan® lined
Diffuser Glass filled Noryl
Backplate Glass filled Nory
Jet/Venturi housing Glass filled Noryl
Impeller Glass filled polycarbonate
Jet Acetyl
Venturi Acetyl
Seal ring (stationary) Ceramic
Seal ring (rotating) Carbon
Orings Nitrile rubber
Priming plug Nylon
Shaft sleeve 316 stainless steel
Motor shell Aluminium
Motor shell finish Polyester powder coat
Capacitor cover Polypropylene
Terminal box cover Polypropylene
Mounting feet Xenoy



  • Installations with suction lift require a good quality foot valve to avoid loss of prime.
  • To prime, fill pump body and suction line through priming plug hole and replace plug.

Note: For complete details consult the installation and operating instructions



Davey 165D1 Shallow Well Jet Pump Brochure Davey 165S1 Shallow Well Jet Pump Brochure