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Dowdens, as a Master Dealer, has been selling, servicing and supporting Davey Pumping Products for many years throughout Queensland from our 4 locations in Mackay, Proserpine, Rockhampton and Brisbane.

The majority of the Davey Pump range is manufactured here in Australia and shipped to over 50 countries worldwide. The range includes pumping solutions for pool and domestic use to agricultural and industrial applications.

Pressure Pumps

The Davey Pressure Pump range is perfect for weekenders, caravans, boats, or other residential water supplies that need pressure boosting or automated water transfer since they have maximum flow rates of 25–45 lpm and up to 300kPa pressure.

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HM90-11T Davey PumpHS60-08T daveySJ35-04PC davey

Pool Pumps

Davey has a massive range of pool pumps for every domestic pool requirement. The range includes the Powermaster, ProMaster, Typhoon, Silensor, StarFlo and Whisper.

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SLS200 daveyPOWERMASTER-ECO DaveyHurricane Davey

Firefighter Pumps

Australian engineers created Davey Firefighter® pumps specifically for our arid climate. All across the world, Davey’s high-performance, high-quality, and dependable fire pumps are in high demand. Honda Australia and Yanmar, two of the top engine producers, are partners with Davey, and our designs are performance-matched to their engines to guarantee long-term performance.

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5155H3 davey5210YE HP davey5255H davey

Sewage Pumps

Pumps with a cutting impeller that can pump semi-screened or grey water with a neutral pH, including submersible sump pumps with a single channel for sewage. The Davey Cutter pumps are primarily used to pump sewage water, but they may also be used to transfer water, empty sumps, dispose of septic waste, pump light slurries and industrial waste, or pump wastewater with stringy or long soft particles in suspension.

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D75KA daveyDT22G daveyD25VA davey

Submersible Drainage Pumps

The submersible’s range of high-pressure drainage pumps are specialised pumps that are appropriate for pumping drinking water with a neutral pH and are developed with improved dependability for rainwater tanks.

When water is present, it recognises it using an automated float. It is mostly used with rainwater tanks, but it may also be used to move water from wells, irrigate lawns and gardens, and dispose of treated effluent.

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D15VA daveyD25VA daveyD42A davey

Pressure Tanks

Pressure tanks are an essential option for resolving the issue of pumps cycling on and off, which can cause premature pump failure. Pressure tanks are used as storage units for water under pressure in domestic, agricultural, or industrial applications.

In order to prevent problems with water hammer, pressure tanks also enable a particular volume of water to be delivered before the pump turns on.

Davey Supercell pressure tanks guarantee a long life and protection against corrosion and the effects of UV radiation thanks to their enamel-finished steel cells.

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24018P davey24060P davey24100P davey

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